Celebrating U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Athletes

Since 2000, we’ve been proud to celebrate athletic achievements by donating unique gold rings for every member of Team USA. Made in the USA for our U.S. athletes, these symbols of pride and commitment represent years of dedication and sacrifice.

“Behind every Olympian and Paralympian, there is someone who encourages a dream and awakens the quest for success. The Inspiration Award truly honors these motivators.”—Lisa Baird, USOC

The Inspiration Awards

The O.C. Tanner Inspiration Award gives U.S. Olympic athletes the chance to honor those who helped them achieve their Olympic-sized dreams. The coaches that encouraged them to keep going. The parents, friends, siblings, and spouses who inspired them. The mentors who will never receive an Olympic medal.

2014 Inspiration Award Winners

Four Olympians and four Paralympians received the 2014 Inspiration Award—a handcrafted 14K gold commemorative ring—that they in turn can present to their mentors. The honorees are chosen from nominations Team USA submit themselves. We invite you to read this year’s stories.

Eddy Alvarez

Lanny Barnes

Nick Baumgartner

Jason Brown

Andrew Kurka

Staci Mannella

Augusto J. Perez

Danelle Umstead

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