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teamwork tips: the coveted back yard

Teamwork Tips

Teams that click don’t fall from the sky. It takes time and focused effort, but keep going and your consistency will pay off. Enjoy our teamwork tips for powerful team building ideas to inspire, develop and challenge your team. Click to read more below for this week’s teamwork tip, founded in the research from O.C. Tanner’s New York Times bestseller The Orange Revolution, by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, and get your team on track to breakthrough performance.

There’s something magical about your porch: To really play like a team, let them see your life up-close. Invite team members and their significant others to your house for a meal or barbecue. Welcoming teammates into your private space is one of the highest compliments you can give.

For more team building activities, see last week’s teamwork tip.

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