The Tanner Lecture Series

The Tanner Lectures on Human Values are given annually at nine of the world’s great universities. Each institution selects its own lecturer from among the world’s outstanding scholars, artists, and political leaders.

“What the Tanner Lectures have done and emphasized is to show how ideas in human values—whether from philosophy, humanities, or the arts—can actually inform our everyday lives, our civic lives, and I think that’s a terribly important mission in today’s world.” Michael Sandel, Harvard University

Upcoming Lectures

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“I hope these lectures will contribute to the intellectual and moral life of mankind. I see them simply as a search for a better understanding of human behavior and human values. This understanding may be pursued for its own intrinsic worth, but it may also eventually have practical consequences for the quality of personal and social life.” Obert C. Tanner

Published Lectures

The Tanner Lectures are published annually and made available to libraries throughout the world.

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