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Along with over 1400 O.C. Tanner team members we see as industry trendsetters for the great work they do every day, we have a leadership team who have shaped the employee recognition business for much of their careers; creating the products, technologies, and services that have defined an industry.

Ty Brown Managing Director, O.C. Tanner India
Ty Brown Managing Director, O.C. Tanner India

Whether he is in Germany or Jamaica, Ty Brown travels anywhere for a great adventure. That dedication helps Appreciateology grow all over the globe. He listens, he experiments, and he builds consensus. He aims to meet needs of colleagues and clients alike by drawing on his background in operations, human resources, sales, manufacturing, and supply chain management. He also has a bachelor's degree in Accounting and an M.B.A.-both from Brigham Young University. This reservoir of experience has benefitted our company since Ty joined O.C. Tanner in 2003, helping our organisation deliver award fulfilment solutions to clients in 130 countries. He shares all of his professional accomplishments with his staff, but the adventures Ty cherishes most are those with his wife and their four children.

Zubin Zack Director & Chief Recognition Strategist
Zubin Zack Director & Chief Recognition Strategist

As a seasoned executive with 18 years of experience, our Director & Chief Recognition Strategist brings extensive cross-functional experience in leading business across mature as well as startup businesses operating in disorganized ecosystems and immense competition. His mission is to shape and execute strategies around awareness, credibility and educating key audiences on what the O.C. Tanner brand personifies and how integrating recognition into a company's strategy can yield ROI and accelerate meeting of business objectives. As a leader for the market, he ensures the right resources are engaged, the solution is solid and exceeds client expectations. Coming from an Engineering & Management background, he is enthusiastic of gaining rich academic knowledge through Executive Certifications from Harvard Business School, The Wharton School & Financial Planning Standards Board. When he’s not busy recognizing, Zubin enjoys indulging himself in philosophical discussions & amusing his cheerful family and friends.

Pawan Chande Director of Finance & Operations
Pawan Chande Director of Finance & Operations

In his multi-fold role at O.C. Tanner, Pawan develops and implements business strategies for Finance & Operations. Besides keeping his eagle eye on the company finances, he lends his operations brain to everything from our processes to our client experience. He is a great team player with a customer-centric mindset. He possesses a strong technical expertise and extensive experience of over 20 years in private industry as well as a prominent accounting firm. Pawan is a Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant from Denver, USA. When not busy counting the money, he and his wife Aparna share their love for music, reading and travelling with their two children.

Global Leadership
Carolyn Tanner Irish Chair of the Board
Carolyn Tanner Irish Chair of the Board

It's through her example that Carolyn leads and carries on the legacy of her father, Obert C. Tanner. Like him, she believes in honest and transparent business practices, supporting employees and giving generously to charitable organizations and communities. When she's not looking after 1400+ employees, Carolyn is supporting foundations like the YWCA of Salt Lake City. She also served the Salt Lake community as the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah from 1996 to 2010.

Dave Petersen President & CEO
Dave Petersen President & CEO

Dave arrived at O.C. Tanner offering his services without a job interview or offer. If the company wasn't pleased after a month's work (without pay), he'd pack his things. Lucky for us, 30 years later he's proven his determination, dedication and capabilities time and time again, in literally every department of the company. Coupled with a bachelor's degree in international business from Brigham Young University an MBA from Thunderbird American Graduate School of International Management, make him a globally-minded leader for our global company.

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