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We’ve put the practice of appreciation into action through our series of best-selling business books. Traveling the world listening to what makes a great work culture, our authors have brought back stories exemplifying why recognition matters every day. Packed with research and practical strategies, you’ll see firsthand what drives companies like Disney, Zappos, and Instagram. Read on.


Great Work

How to Make a Difference People Love

The breakthrough book by Executive VP David Sturt will prove to you that anyone, from any background, can deliver a difference. You’ll discover five practical skills to make it happen. And you’ll come away inspired that your best work, your personal touch, your encouragement to others, can create a real difference the world loves.

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The Carrot Principle

How the Best Managers use Recognition to Engage Their People, Retain Talent and Accelerate Performance

With compelling global research, this New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller helps leaders understand the importance of appreciating great work while providing them with a solid plan to implement what they’ve learned into their day-to-day leadership efforts.

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The Orange Revolution

How One Great Team Can Transform an Entire Organization

Based on groundbreaking research and insights from exceptional teams at, Pepsi Beverages Company, Madison Square Garden, the Blue Angels, and Apple, this New York Times best-seller unleashes the secrets to building breakthrough teams that are the core drivers of superior performance.

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The Daily Carrot Principle

365 Ways to Enhance Your Career & Life

Drawing from the New York Times best-seller The Carrot Principle, The Daily Carrot Principle is an inspiring and lively page-a-day guide to harnessing the remarkable power of the carrot—taking yourself and your team to new heights of success in work and life.

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A Carrot A Day

A Daily Dose of Recognition For Your Employees

An apple a day may keep a person healthy, but a Carrot a day can keep an employee engaged. In A Carrot A Day, award-winning authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton offer 365 simple ways managers can praise and engage their employees through recognition. A Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek best-seller.

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The Invisible Employee

Using Appreciation to See the Hidden Potential in Everyone

Now, with updated case studies, and fresh data, The Invisible Employee combines great business advice with practical guidance for managers. The Invisible Employee helps managers learn to engage their staff by setting a clear guiding vision, recognizing strengths, and providing a sense of visibility and connection to corporate values and goals. This book shows managers how to get involved and lead their people from obscurity to achievement, reaping the rewards across their entire organization.

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Sales Blazers

Goal-Shattering Strategies From the World's Top Sales Leaders

Every sales professional faces demands for greater growth. We called on top sales earners to discover what makes them different. The findings were surprising. Superior selling processes were not the key, but rather eight strategies on personal leadership that can be used by salespeople at any level.

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