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  • The Impact of Performance Recognition

    This new global research study by the Cicero Group demonstrates how performance recognition impacts employee work relationships, connections to the company, innovation, efficiencies and output—and how it can be more effective than salary bonuses.

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  • The Great Work Study

    The Great Work Study is the primary source of the five skills discussed in Great Work, the book. Designed to help define “great work” and test the hypothesis that there are specific skills that anyone can practice to increase the odds of producing great work that others love.

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  • The Effect of Years of Service Award Programs

    This global research study by the Cicero Group studies the ROI of service award programs, correlating the data with increased tenure and other key employee engagement metrics.

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  • Celebrate Careers™

    Research by the Cicero Group and National Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the impact of an effective career celebration strategy—and presents six best practice tips on ways to do it right.

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  • The Psychology of Careers

    National focus groups explored the experience of career achievement recognition and the different mindset of employees from year one to retirement.

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  • Effective Global Recognition

    Global research conducted in 9 countries and 13 cities produced insights on cultural nuances that make a difference for effective global recognition. Get the research generated from global focus groups and learn the 10 Critical Factors for Success.

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  • Optimizing Employee Recognition Programs

    Research conducted by the Cicero Group produced insights around creating an effective award strategy. Specifically, what types of awards create memorable recognition experiences, why the quality of the award and award selection matters, and the key elements needed to make employees feel appreciated and valued.

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  • O.C. Tanner/Towers Watson Global Recognition Study

    In partnership with Towers Watson, O.C. Tanner conducted one of the largest global engagement studies of its kind. The study focused on determining worldwide drivers of engagement and the role employee recognition plays in contributing to it.

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  • Teamwork Insights from Best Places to Work

    Working with the Best Companies Group (BCG), which creates the “Best Places to Work” list, a groundbreaking 350,000-person study produced key findings around teamwork. This empirical research formed the foundation of our New York Times best-seller, The Orange Revolution.

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  • The Effect of Manager Engagement

    HealthStream Research looked at 200,000 people over 10 years and found dramatic business results when managers offered employees constructive praise and meaningful awards. Findings explored in our New York Times best-seller, The Carrot Principle.

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