Create and support a culture of great work

What business goals are you trying to accomplish? From employee
 retention and engagement to creating a unified culture to driving business results, we offer our expertise backed by research to provide the latest best practices tips, strategies, and insights.

  • The ROI of Effective Recognition

    A business case for leveraging appreciation to drive business results.

  • The Impact of Performance Recognition

    Global research by the Cicero Group demonstrates how performance recognition impacts not just employee work relationships and attitudes, but also innovation and productivity..

  • The Great Work Study

    The primary source of the five skills discussed in Great Work, the book. Designed to help define “great work” and test the hypothesis that there are specific skills that anyone can practice to increase the odds of producing great work that others love.

  • Celebrate Careers™

    How celebrating service anniversaries is an effective strategy to drive employee retention and engagement—along with six best practice tips on ways to do it right.

  • The Effect of Years of Service Award Programs

    This global primary research study correlates years of service award programs with increased tenure and other key employee engagement metrics.

  • Effective Global Recognition

    Sao Paulo, Paris, Sydney, Mumbai—it doesn’t matter what city or country, employees want to be recognized for their great work. Learn the 10 Critical Factors for Success.

  • Optimizing Employee Recognition Programs

    Determining the optimal elements of a recognition program can help companies more effectively increase employee engagement and company loyalty without relying on increasing salary and bonuses.

  • Performance Accelerated

    Based on a 10-year, 200,000 person study of managers and employees, this white paper unveils new tips, including groundbreaking statistics, strategies, and benchmarks for increasing employee engagement, retention, and results.