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Thanks for reading Eat, Move, Sleep and your interest in Welbe.  Our aim was to help readers integrate the concepts presented in Eat, Move, Sleep with your own personalized health tracking system.  My hope is that you’ve found progress on your journey.

In the years since we’ve formed our relationship with Welbe, the app has gone through a series of transitions.  Most recently, they’ve transitioned to serve clients in the corporate wellness space and will be delivering that solution through a partnership with Virgin Pulse. 

Since Eat, Move, Sleep was written a few years ago, technologies to support healthy habit tracking have advanced rapidly.  As an alternative to Welbe, which will no longer be available, I encourage you to check out the latest health tracking features on iOS and Android wearables as well as dedicated fitness trackers.  Many of these apps and devices provide similar capabilities of tracking nutrition, activity, and sleep and provide a community of members to support you on your wellbeing journey.

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