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Essential Global Recognition & Engagement Insights

Organizational growth – and the growth and development of HR professionals – more often than not now involves an international component.  HR professionals need to lead the way in championing cultural sensitivity within their workforce and guiding their organizations through complex global recognition programs, which can be challenging and hard to manage. If you offer programs in different countries or have multi-cultural employees, HR leaders can learn what to avoid and what to improve – the strategies, tactics and cultural nuances essential for growth and success. The O.C. Tanner Institute’s Michelle M. Smith, CPIM, CRP will present the recognition and engagement insights from a comprehensive 3-year formal global study and focus group interviews of more than 180,000 leaders, managers and employees all around the world.


  • Learn the benefits of investing in international recognition programs in ways that maximizes impact and optimizes spend
  • Discover top work motivators, engagement levels, and popular practices to confidently take action and successfully move forward with global recognition initiatives
  • Find new opportunities for HR leaders to more effectively craft recognition strategy and execute their programs

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Effective Global Recognition

Country-Specific Cultural Nuances

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