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The Impact of Excellent Employee Wellbeing

Leaders and Human Resource professionals around the globe have an ever-increasing focus on employee well-being. Companies in every industry have crafted initiatives to improve employee wellness and boost productivity and employee satisfaction as a result. But why do these initiatives often struggle to make a lasting impact on employee lifestyles? How can organizations better understand and affect holistic employee well-being?

Global O.C. Tanner Institute research, surveying over 2,000 employees, delivers answers to these questions and more. Read on to discover:

  • The difference between wellness and well-being—and why companies that don’t understand the distinction are missing a bigger picture
  • How to build initiatives that drive improvement in holistic employee well-being by encouraging healthy behaviors in three key areas of wellness
  • The large benefits in store for companies that effectively improve employee well-being
  • Why as employee well-being increases, its positive effects resonate throughout the organization and teams become more productive, more collaborative, and better prepared to innovate
  • How well-being affects individuals, teams, and results throughout an organization—even measurably impacting its bottom line

Download the full white paper to discover these insights and more, and jump-start your journey to understanding and empowering employee well-being. 

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