Custom Awards

Symbols of greatness.

It takes years of training to make one. It takes a lifetime to earn one.

Since 2000, we’ve been celebrating the greatness of our Olympic and Paralympic athletes by designing and handcrafting personalized gold rings for every member of Team USA. Every Olympics and Paralympics. Winter and Summer. Each ring is a reminder of the years of dedication, sweat, and sacrifice it takes to become an Olympian.

Made with love, worn with pride.

Every award tells a story. What’s yours?

Whether earned on the field or in an office, symbolic awards have the power to not only recognize greatness, but inspire it as well. We’ve spent years developing adaptable manufacturing technology to be able to create unique, meaningful awards for our global clients. Each one-of-a-kind award is custom designed to reflect their company culture, and over time, can come to define it.

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