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Develop effective leadership skills. Drive innovation. Turn ideas into action.

We inspire people to do great work, teach people how to accomplish great work, develop effective leadership skills, and help companies sustain great work with ongoing appreciation.

The O.C. Tanner Institute.

Dedicated to human accomplishment.

 Our training is based on decades of experience with thousands of global clients plus our own proprietary research, bestselling books, and world-wide forums on what drives people to succeed.

What do you want to learn today?

From hire to retire, we help your organization become not only a great place to work, but also to learn, to grow, and to make a difference. That’s why we offer an optimal blend of leadership training and recognition training solutions to suit your talent management needs.


Appreciation Training

Inspire your culture of accomplishment. Show leaders how increasing employee recognition will benefit them, their team, and the company’s bottom line. Then transform them into recognition champions who appreciate great work regularly and effectively.

Based on a 10-year study of 200,000 managers and employees.


Great Work Experience 

One part think tank, two parts innovation lab. The Great Work Experience is a workshop where work actually gets done. Participants practice five skills from the global study behind our latest bestseller to ideate, innovate, and move projects forward in unexpected ways.

Based on the world’s largest-ever study of award-winning work and our New York Times bestseller.


Teamwork Training

Are you looking to build teams that innovate, create, and consistently deliver great work? Only one in five business teams is performing at optimal efficiency. Our Teamwork Training reverses that trend one great team at a time.

Based on an exclusive 350,000-person study and our New York Times bestseller.


Onboarding Training 

This lively leadership training helps managers welcome new-hires in a way that transforms first-day jitters into instant engagement and loyalty. Managers learn leadership skills that help them get started on the right foot to build more effective long-term relationships.

Based on case studies from world-class organizations.


 50% increase in recognition with our award-winning appreciation training.


Flexible. Affordable. Essential. Different teams and locations require different training solutions. Let our experts help you find the right blend for your needs.


Keynote Events 

Usually 60-90 minutes, these events by world-class speakers create a transformative shared experience for groups of leaders. Event-oriented and actionable. 


Live Workshops and eLearning 

Depending on the topic, we offer live half-day, full-day, and online training options. All of these are interactive, engaging, and focused on applying the skills learned. 


Certification For Trainers 

Need to certify an ongoing trainer for your organization? Intensive multi-day downloads give trainers a deep understanding of principles so they leave ready to teach. 

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