We develop employee recognition programs that help companies appreciate employees who do great work.

Three Essential Strategies. Each works on its own to yield specific results. It takes all three to inspire performance and drive business results.

Your employee recognition program isn’t a nice-to-have benefit for employees. It’s one of the sharpest tools in your organization’s strategic set. One that can drive behavior, unify teams and cultures, improve engagement and retention, and significantly impact your bottom line. Of course, no two companies are alike. But each truly effective employee program is built on three essential strategies:

Notice Effort™ are peer-to-peer and social strategies that:

  • Inspire every employee to notice—and celebrate—effort
  • Use social media to extend employee appreciation throughout the organization and beyond the walls
  • Increase the bonds between individuals, teams and departments
  • Spark conversations and ignite recognition culture-wide

Reward Results™ are performance-based strategies that:

  • Reward employees who make a difference to customers, their team and the company
  • Tie to clear company objectives and reinforce desired outcomes
  • Shine a spotlight on achievers and grow them into leaders
  • Inspire peers to grow their own contributions

Celebrate Careers™ leverages the power of employee service anniversaries to:

  • Focus on an individual’s career achievements
  • Reinforce an employee’s value and fit at every point on his or her career continuum
  • Build employees’ career commitment and inspire achievement in peers
  • Connect leaders to their people
  • Tell powerful stories that define culture