Maximize your overall return on recognition investment through effective leadership skills

Our experience shows that when leadership is enrolled—and empowered—to support an organization’s recognition objectives, program performance improves dramatically. RORI (Return on Recognition Investment) increases. Recognition cultures catch fire.

“Key Insight: 79% of employees leave their managers, not their companies. Empower your leadership to set the tone.”

Our leadership development curriculum is based on the results of over a decade of global research and benchmarking, involving millions of employees and managers, and spanning dozens of nations. Offerings include keynote speeches and training workshops based on Great Work, Appreciation, Teamwork, and Onboarding.

The Great Work Experience

One part think tank, two parts innovation lab

The Great Work Experience is a workshop where work actually gets done. You’re invited to arrive with an important project in mind or some aspect of your work to improve. Then you’ll apply the five skills revealed in the largest-ever study of award-winning work to ideate, innovate, and move your project forward in new and unexpected ways.

Perfect for individuals in a half-day format or for teams as a full-day workshop, the Great Work Experience will help anyone make a valued difference in their role today.

What to expect from the Great Work Experience.


  • Learn surprising research findings
  • Discover how difference makers think
  • Gain a difference-making mindset

Ask The Right Question

  • Better understand the people your work impacts
  • Orient your work toward the right end result
  • Begin to ideate differences people will love

Talk To Your Outer Circle

  • Identify inner circle colleagues who trust you
  • Discover outer circle experts who can help you ideate
  • Learn a simple way to talk to your outer circle

See For Yourself

  • Visit a location where your current work gets used
  • Observe everything that your work affects
  • Ideate improvements that people might love

Improve The Mix

  • Break the work into elements and explore possibilities
  • Converge on one or two improvements
  • Check for fit to ensure a difference people love

Deliver The Difference

  • Be obsessed with outcomes
  • Define measures of success
  • Encourage and keep projects on track

Here’s what participants are saying about the Great Work Experience:

“We have several projects and cases that have already benefited directly from The Great Work Experience.”
                 –Dr. Chris Wood, MD and Hospital Administrator
“My team had been working on a big project for months and we were stuck. Today, I came away with an answer—not the whole answer—but the first step on a path that I’m really excited about.”
                 –Annette Gertge, Metal Refining Manager

“In just a few months after this experience we have seen some significant changes and we are more successful in how we are interfacing as a team and that’s converting into real revenue dollars.”
                –Jeff Barlow, CFO

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Appreciation Training

Based on insights from global research that demonstrates the importance of effective recognition, our Appreciation Training has been thoughtfully crafted to give managers and supervisors the skills and confidence they need to create a culture of appreciation. Participants are inspired and equipped to integrate effective recognition into their daily management practice. Through dynamic activities that instill best practice, they discover how appreciation can help them create a workplace where people are engaged in their work, trust their leaders, contribute to their teams, and are committed to staying.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Communicate how a culture of appreciation benefits them, their team, and their organization’s culture and bottom line.
  • Integrate a proven recognition strategy into their everyday management practice—including three essential ways to appreciate great work.
  • Recognize their team members more effectively to get the best results.
  • Present thanks and awards in a powerful, meaningful way.

Appreciation Training is available in the following formats:

  • Keynote event.
    What do effective leaders know to be true? Frequent meaningful recognition inspires people to do great work. During this 60 to 90 minute keynote, world-class speakers share the latest engagement insights and appreciation tools. Inspired by real-life success stories and proven best practices, leaders leave ready to integrate recognition into their everyday management practice.
  • Live workshop or interactive eLearning modules.
    Discover first-hand how appreciation is brought to life and then spread throughout the organization. Available as a half-day workshop or as self-paced eLearning, The Appreciation Experience uses research, exercises, and interactive visuals to share recognition techniques that deliver the best results.
  • Trainer certification workshop.
    A two-day certification course offering tools that help champions bring the Appreciation Experience workshop back into their organization. Participants leave with a deeper understanding of recognition strategies and specific application for their own programs.

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Teamwork Training

Based on a 350,000-person study published in the New York Times bestselling book, The Orange Revolution.

Are you looking to build teams that innovate, create, and consistently deliver great work? Did you know only one in five business teams is performing at optimal efficiency? O.C. Tanner’s Teamwork Training reverses that trend. With up-to-the-minute insights from our 350,000-employee study, our teamwork training will transform your entire organization one great team at a time.

  • Teach leaders, managers, and team members how to better come together as a team in order to drive real business results.
  • Get team members talking, sharing and learning together using interactive modules, research, visuals, exercises, and strategic discussions.

Teamwork Training is available in the following formats:

  • Keynote event
    Thiskeynote highlights the key traits found inside the world’s most stellar teams. Incorporating stories and insight from Zappos, Pepsi Bottling Company, The Blue Angels, Texas Roadhouse, Apple and others, our speakers bring to life how true teamwork increases productivity, engagement, loyalty and bottom-line results.
  • Live workshop
    Working together starts with learning together. Our hands-on half-day workshop uses interactive modules, research, visuals, exercises and strategic discussions to get team members talking, sharing and learning together.
  • Certification workshop
    Need an ongoing teamwork trainer in your organization? The Certification Workshop can make that happen. This intensive 2-day information download gives trainers a deep understanding of teamwork principles and strategies. Trainers leave knowing how to create powerful teams and how to address specific teamwork questions, hurdles and solutions.

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Onboarding Training

Onboarding Training is a highly interactive and lively training that helps leaders and managers better engage new-hires early in the onboarding process and teach principles that will help managers build more effective relationships with each of their employees.

Onboarding Training is available in the following formats:

  • Keynote event
    Our Onboarding keynote challenges leaders to evaluate their onboarding efforts and adjust them to better engage new hires. Using case studies from world-class organizations with successful onboarding processes, this keynote shows the importance of creating connections right from the beginning and the value of setting clear goals and celebrating new-hire successes.
  • Live workshop
    This critical workshop instructs leaders and managers how to increase employee retention by using the Basic Four skill set accelerated with Recognition at important touch points in a new hire’s employment.
  • Certification workshop
    This is an interactive program that helps trainers gain a thorough understanding of early engagement and retention benefiting them and their organization by having more engaged and productive new employees who want to stay and stay committed to the company.

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