Create the most impactful employee rewards program—every time

The best employee incentive programs turn moments in the spotlight into a sense of greater value, personal growth and commitment. To that end, O.C. Tanner has not only created an unparalleled breadth and depth of employee awards and corporate gifts , we have the expertise to know what’s meaningful when. Employees, after all, are wonderfully complex. And a well-thought-out corporate reward program must offer a variety of tools to inspire them at every level.

“We knew we needed to change the culture and not just put in a process… We knew it would be a journey because you can’t change culture overnight. It’s not just about a program, but about training and getting people to realize it’s the right thing to do.”

Emree Siaroff, Global Head of People, BDO

O.C. Tanner offers:

  • Onboarding award programs
  • Career achievement awards for years of service and retirement
  • On-the-spot performance awards
  • Peer-to-peer appreciation and award nomination
  • Points-based solutions
  • Gift Cards, merchandise and name brands
  • Sales, safety and wellness incentive programs
  • Celebration and holiday event gifts
  • Team USA Olympic awards

Key insight: Are you creating a recognition moment? Or a consumer moment? Meaningful awards are always about an interaction, not a transaction.

Research and our deep award experience have proven that effective award strategy answers the question, ”What will make your employees feel most appreciated?”—not, ”What do your employees want?” There’s a world of difference. Ask people what they want, and they’ll tell you cash and gift cards. But ask what makes them feel appreciated? You’ll get a different answer. They’ll then say they want something tangible and personal.

Beyond cookie cutter solutions

When it comes to creating a meaningful rewards experience, flexibility is key. O.C. Tanner develops and designs experiences specifically for each client, the better to reflect your culture and objectives.

  • No pre-determined award groupings
  • Choose recognition awards relevant to your culture and goals
  • Change recognition awards selection at any time
  • Choose how many to display, up to 100+ at each level
  • All communications materials, including your employee recognition awards website and catalogs.