Spread appreciation inside your organization—and out

At heart, all recognition—and especially, peer-to-peer recognition—is social. People love noticing great work around them, and sharing the recognition they receive. O.C. Tanner makes it easy with tools that enable employees to communicate and congratulate globally:


Build a button.

Our proprietary Build a Button™ online builder invites you to bring your personality into the appreciation experience. Have fun choosing shapes, colors, backgrounds, even languages.


Create a culture of daily celebration.

Our ever-expanding library of short films and animations offer fun, creative ways to say congrats and thanks. Send congrats for great work, a card for specific service anniversary celebrations or a fun video that "thanks" them for helping out.


Collect and display appreciation.

Thanks to our virtual corkboard™ employees can create their own space for displaying eButtons, eCards, and other recognition moments. It not only serves as an always-available reminder of accomplishment. It reinforces that yours is an organization that values its people.


Instant public recognition.

Wall of Fame™ is our social sharing tool that posts real-time recognition that everyone in the organization can "like" or comment upon. The perfect way to share stories throughout your organization, helping everyone celebrate, be inspired, and add in congrats.


Share the news.

Social media sharing enables employees to notify friends and associates via Facebook and Twitter when they have received recognition. Word soon gets around that your organization is a great place to work.