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A message from CEO Dave Petersen to
O.C. Tanner employees around the world

Dear O.C. Tanner Family,

Many of us have spent the last few days searching for the words we might share to bring comfort during so much chaos in our world, our communities, and our lives right now. We’re all trying to show up and work and smile and talk like we’re okay. But we’re not all okay. This is not the new normal. There is nothing normal about any of this. The layers of uncertainty, loss, upset, heartbreak, and a sense of helplessness are affecting everyone.

We are mindful and concerned for our people in cities across the U.S. that are the scene of riots, unrest, and so much pain. The outrage is not only for the source of the most current pain—the senseless tragedy in Minneapolis—but also for the underlying conditions and behaviors that lead to separation, bigotry, division, and violence. As you know, these have no place at O.C. Tanner, and should have no place in the world. We also condemn the resulting riots, looting, and mayhem.

This topic deserves more than an email; we want to have a conversation. While we do not pretend to have all the answers, we do think providing a place where we can shine a light and talk about the issues and what we can each do to make a difference can only help. We’re still working on the date and time for that conversation—we’re aiming to gather early this week. Please watch for an invitation in the next day or two.

I think our founder said it best:

“Perhaps the clearest and deepest meaning of brotherhood is the ability to imagine yourself in the other person’s position, and then treat that person as if you were him or her. This form of brotherhood takes a lot of imagination, a great deal of sympathy, and a tremendous amount of understanding.”
—Obert C. Tanner

I pray we might all live the golden rule a little better, a little more intentionally.
We’ll be in touch again soon.

Dave Petersen
President & Chief Executive Officer

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