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Topic: Appreciation

How 8 companies are leveraging employee recognition during

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The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed how we work, but it hasn’t stopped people and organisations from responding in remarkable ways. Whether you have employees on the front lines or working remotely for the first time, it’s more important than ever to appreciate outstanding effort. Here are a few inspiring ways our clients are recognising, and ultimately strengthening, their people during these challenging times.

Large healthcare system

A large healthcare provider uses recognition to celebrate staff serving in the epicenter of COVID-19. They’ve kept employees motivated and energised with the following:

• New eCards tailored to how healthcare staff are feeling during these times. Whether it’s reinforcing how the world needs them, honoring them as heroes, or highlighting healthcare-related actions they’re taking, the new eCards are inspiring and powerful.

• A new program through their recognition platform allows leaders to automatically send eCards every day to thank employees and reach people when they need it most.

• Senior leaders send inspirational messages to staff at the beginning and end of each week.

• The company turned pictures of staff, thank-you notes from the community, and chalk drawings left outside of the hospital into screen savers on employees’ computers and tv monitors across the campus.

• A planned celebration, when all of this is over, to feature a special custom award and a substantial amount of recognition points through their O.C. Tanner platform.

Global insurance company

Many employees of a global insurance company find themselves working remotely for the first time. To keep workers engaged and connected, leaders are taking time each week to focus on recognition:

• Leaders block out time in Outlook every week to appreciate their team. They can make brief calls or send emails to thank employees for great work. Or send an eCard through their O.C. Tanner Recognition platform. Leaders make the notes meaningful by being specific on why the employee’s work matters and makes a difference.

• Leaders call out great work being done in all of their virtual meetings.

• Since leaders are unable to present the printed version of their employees’ Yearbook brochures in person on service anniversaries, the company is making these milestones meaningful with a virtual presentation of the digital Yearbook.

Pharmaceutical company

A pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops products throughout the world wanted to express their gratitude to their employees. So they partnered with O.C. Tanner to distribute a $50 electronic VISA gift card to every worker in North America.

Global distributor of health and home products

To show ongoing appreciation to their employees for great work, one distributor provides an automatic point deposit each week throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a quick and convenient way to extend weekly thanks to their employees across the globe.

Major travel company

Each year, this travel company holds a banquet honoring the top 1% of their frontline workers. Although this year’s in-person event was cancelled, they didn’t want the recognition they earned to go uncelebrated. They partnered with O.C. Tanner to create a trophy award and custom luggage tag that will be sent with a special message from the organisation.

Health care company #2

Another health care company recognised their nearly 5,000 employees with an appreciation packet that included both an indulgence and a necessity: A box of local chocolates and a power bank.

Global chemical company

The COVID-19 pandemic has created more demand for products made by one of the world’s leading chemical providers. Employees have responded by doubling down on production, logistics, and office support to deliver to those needs. In turn, the organisation is committed to doubling down on recognition through their O.C. Tanner platform to keep employees motivated during the increase in workload.

Grocery store chain

One grocery chain is creating a special commemorative Yearbook brochure to recognise employees during this unprecedented time. They’re including comments from senior leaders and awarding their 10,000+ frontline workers with a custom gift.

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