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Building A New Meaning of Excellence at Ritchie Bros.

Ritchie Bros.

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When salespeople have a tough week or month, they need motivation to keep them moving forward. The Dave Ritchie Excellence Award was created to rally their people around their strong company values and respected founder, and serve as an incentive to keep their salespeople going.


Ritchie Bros. needed to provide a VIP experience for winners while connecting back to the true meaning of the Dave Ritchie Excellence Award.

With the help of O.C. Tanner, Ritchie Bros. redefined what it means to win this prestigious honor. They overhauled the entire experience from start to finish and created a VIP feel that builds on an employees’ innate desire to be appreciated.

Winners are announced internally and are welcomed into the new, luxurious DRX Club. They also receive a personalized winner’s package celebrating their accomplishment. This package includes:

  • A Yearbook™ brochure with custom folder to display their accomplishment. The brochure outlines clearly what criteria they met to win the award and a note of congratulations from the company.
  • A choice of a prestigious, high-value award that is ordered through an easy-to-use online platform.
  • A stunning personalized trophy.
  • A partner award to thank their partner for all their support throughout the year. Ritchie Bros. is an organization that appreciates all the hard work of their salespeople as well as their devoted family members.
  • Branded clothing and updated business cards listing their new accomplishment. Winners also update their email signatures and their voicemails with this honor.
Ritchie Bros custom award examples and branding by O.C. Tanner

O.C. Tanner’s highly trained recipient experience team supports winners and their partners worldwide if they have any questions when ordering to ensure the experience is seamless for all the winners.

Historically, winners of the "Outstanding Sales Achievement" category were invited on a fishing trip to Dave Ritchie's resort in British Columbia, Canada. In 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, winners were unable to travel. Ritchie Bros. looked to O.C. Tanner for a substitute award.

Because the purpose of the DRX award was to be an experience, not a transaction, the trip was replaced with travel gift cards (to be used when it was safe to travel again). For 2021, O.C. Tanner worked with Rolex to add special men’s and women’s watches as the key award for the Outstanding Sales Achievement category.

Ritchie Bros employees smiling holding drinks during  DRX


Previously, 30% of annual winners were not selecting their personal awards because the experience was deterring them from finishing the process. Following the launch of the new VIP experience, 98% of winners selected an award.

Winners personally called O.C. Tanner to express how easy it was to order their award, how appreciated they felt by Ritchie Bros. and how this was an accomplishment worth celebrating.


From the moment a winner of the Dave Ritchie Excellence Award’s name is announced, O.C. Tanner creates a unique VIP experience that tells the story of what it really means to win a Ritchie Bros. founders award. The new luxury DRX club, customized winner’s package, and easy-to-use award experience, helps winners feel valued, appreciated, and inspired to win again. It’s a tangible reminder to strive for excellence, every day.

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