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Insights, hope, and advice to move beyond the pandemic

Employees and organizations everywhere have responded to the COVID-19 situation in extraordinary ways. Find out how the workplace is changing, and discover actionable insights you can use to appreciate the amazing people who will get your organization through these days to brighter ones ahead.

Organizations without a formal recognition program during the crisis had an e-NPS score 38.3% lower.
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Pandemic Takeaways from The Work Place Podcast

How is COVID-19 changing workplace culture? Listen to the latest mini-ep of our podcast, The Work Place, to learn how the pandemic is impacting cultures—and what we can do about it.

49% of employees reported that transparency had gone up or gone up significantly during the pandemic.
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Frontline heroes heart illustration over a photo of a nurse putting on a mask
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Because your heroes are our heroes too

Who’s doing amazing work on your frontlines? Share their stories with us by tagging @octanner and using #frontlineheroes on your favorite social platform. We’ll select inspiring examples to feature each week.

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“Recognition and appreciation are really an opportunity to show your employees they are seen, they are heard, and they are valued. It’s important to appreciate both the impact they make and the character traits that contribute to the diversity and success of your teams.”




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