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Topic: Culture

Your Culture Checklist

A group of 11 employees gathered around a table, attentive to their leader presenting
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Research from the 2021 Global Culture Report shows company cultures provide a critical competitive advantage for organisations, especially in times of crisis. Workplace cultures are made up of 6 key elements that, when done well, make an organisation a magnet for talent:

• Purpose
• Opportunity
• Success
• Appreciation
• Wellbeing
• Leadership

Companies that excel in these six Talent Magnets are:

4x more likely to have highly engaged employees
4x more likely to have employees that are promoters on the standard Net Promotor Score (NPS)
74% more likely to have increased in revenue last year
7x more likely to have employees innovating and performing great work
11x less likely to have experienced layoffs in the past year

How do you perform in the 6 Talent Magnets? How is your company culture? Use our culture checklist to see where your company culture excels, and where there is room for improvement:

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