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Topic: Culture

Creating a holistic workplace culture through wellbeing and recognition

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Around the world, companies are investing in significant resources to help improve their workplace culture with mixed results. Often what’s missing is a proper focus on the employee experience. Combined research from the O.C. Tanner Institute and Virgin Pulse indicate that the best way to create a holistic, workplace culture, with an employee experience people love, is with effective Recognition and Wellbeing solutions.

The latest research from the O.C. Tanner Institute, indicates there are 6 essential elements of a great work place culture. They are purpose, opportunity, success, appreciation, wellbeing, and leadership. We call them Talent Magnets because they are what make a great organisation irresistible to the most passionate and engaged type of employees. Studies have shown that, for a relatively small investment, employee recognition has a disproportional positive impact on all six talent magnets. When you add an effective wellbeing solution to the mix, you have a powerful one-two punch that will catapult your organisation into a destination workplace that attracts, engages, and retains great talent. Combining recognition and wellbeing efforts into a single, seamless employee experience is proven to help people thrive at work.

Corporate wellbeing solutions have evolved beyond focusing on physical fitness in an attempt to reduce health care costs, into more of a holistic approach that helps each employee bring their best selves to work.

Recognition is essential to a great workplace culture. It comes in many forms. But overall, it’s the things that an organisation does to show employees they are valued, appreciated, and respected for their contributions to the team and to the company. Studies show widespread frustration across organisations by employees who don’t feel genuinely appreciated. In fact, research from the O.C. Tanner Institute found that less than half of employees say they always feel appreciated at work. But when recognition is given in a timely and meaningful way, employees feel as though the organisation respects them not only for the work they do, but for who they are as an individual and the value they bring. An effective recognition program can reverse these feelings, helping employees to feel supported, encouraged, and driven to succeed. These feelings are elevated even further when a powerful wellbeing program is also in place.

Unfortunately, almost half of employees believe that productivity and bottom lines are more important to their organisation than people. Now more than ever, employees want organisations to support their emotional, social, and financial needs in addition to their physical health. When employees feel valued and supported in improving their daily habits in a holistic way, individuals, teams, and organisations thrive. Wellbeing and Recognition work hand-in-hand to help employees feel a sense of purpose and opportunity. Organisations with successful Recognition and Wellbeing programs experience:

Statistics on companies that implement impactful employee recognition and wellbeing programs
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Employees want to be treated as people, not just as a means to make a profit. Bringing Recognition and Wellbeing together creates a healthier and happier workforce. Put the power of recognition and wellbeing into the hands of your people and watch your culture thrive.

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