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Topic: Wellbeing

How to improve corporate culture with employee wellbeing

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Corporate culture is a hot topic these days. But as companies examine the many dynamics that influence a great workplace culture, many leaders are wondering where to begin. Where’s can one find the best culture-building bang for the buck? For many, the answer to that question is being found in an unexpected place: employee wellbeing.                  

Today’s leaders know employee wellness and wellbeing programs are not only important to the health and happiness of their employees, but critical to the work environment and business success. However, the landscape of health and wellbeing continues to evolve — driven by external factors, changing workplaces, and employee needs.

Traditional approaches to wellness focus solely on the physical aspects. This is reflected in wellbeing programs that are focused on biometric screenings, fitness programs, and reducing health insurance costs. Though physical health is important, it is no longer the only factor impacting employee wellbeing. The best solutions focus holistically on social, emotional, financial, and physical wellbeing. To make a substantial and long-lasting impact on your organisation, it’s time to make the connection between the total wellbeing of your employees and your workplace culture. 

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