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Build a culture of appreciation

At O.C. Tanner, we partner with great organizations to create cultures where great work thrives. We do this by equipping leaders and teams with recognition tools and insights. Learn how we can help you create an engaged environment, fueled by passion and purpose.

Video Transcript

Kevin Ames
Director, Speaking & Training

I want to work for a great organization where I can fulfill my capacity and I can fulfill my potential, right.  I want to be in a place that gives me a sense of opportunity and a sense of well-being.  Those are the leading drivers of engagement for all people.  And a sense of opportunity suggests to me that I can grow both personally and professionally right here in this space. We partner with other great organizations to help build inside of them a culture of appreciation.  Because in a culture of appreciation, you have created an environment where people choose to engage with the vision and values of that particular organization, and grow out of it. And when you have employees who feel that way about our mission and our purpose, you’re done.  All you’ve got to do is stay out of the way and give them resources, and you win.

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