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Performance recognition that drives results

Discover more about the power of an effective recognition and how it directly correlates to improved innovation, efficiency, customer service, and tenure.

Video Transcript

Christina Chau
Manager, Research Services

If you think about a single recognition interaction and what that drives, you can move whole companies through the power of an effective recognition strategy. And when you’re specifically rewarding for performance, I mean you’re driving innovation, you’re driving creativity in your workforce. 

Our latest performance research that we actually just conducted last year was very exciting, because it really tied performance recognition to real—good outcomes: innovation, efficiency, customer service, staying longer within the organization, going above and beyond to help your clients.  We found that employees that are recognized, either day to day or for finishing a project, happen to do those behaviors a lot more than employees that aren’t recognized.

Dave A. Petersen
President & CEO

I think leadership is a big deal with performance programs. There are a lot of great results that happen when leaders get involved and lead out in recognizing the achievements of others.

Kevin Ames
Director, Speaking & Training

The reason recognition falls off the metric plate for most managers is they have so many other things to report on, and they’re never asked to report on how they’re recognizing and conveying appreciation to their people, and what it means, and why that’s happening.  But you move that into that space where there’s measurement and accountability, you will see dynamic changes….

Sandra Christensen
Director, Award Design & Development

I think our performance recognition program is best in class, because of the variety of what’s available in the platform. Some organizations want just a catalogue award selection.  And others might want a voucher where people can take a voucher out into a retail store and select something.  And others may want sort of a gift card format.  And understanding those sort of 3 key categories of a tangible award, a voucher, or a gift card, and then building out partnerships to supply any one of those things at any given moment.

Beth Thornton
EVP, Sales & Business Development

Recognition isn’t about a transaction. It’s about interactions, interactions between people, and the power that’s generated from those interactions. What we deliver is the logistics and the timing and the details and the research and the infrastructure to make sure that that moment happens around the world, over and over and over again, with the same appeal and the same power each and every time.

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