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Yearbook™ reinvents service awards

celebrate life at work

A one-of-a-kind printed keepsake

Nothing out there even comes close

Yearbook transforms traditional employee service award celebrations into something distinctive that include a personal book of snapshots and stories that employees can hold, touch, and keep as tangible evidence of a great career. For a 360-degree experience, Yearbook online adds video uploads from employees including peers and leaders, plus more comments and photos, and an expanded catalog of service award selections. All in a format that is portable, shareable, and crossed boundaries.

Strategic employee career celebrations accomplish what nothing else can.



Keeps momentum flowing by helping employees including peers and leaders celebrate an individual’s irreplaceable role on the team.



Create ties that bind between coworkers and leaders. Help employees feel trusted, empowered, and devoted to the company.



Engage and inspire performers to stay on board so you don’t have to keep reinventing the talent wheel.


100% REACH

Appreciate the influence of every individual employee to show your company cares about employees who make it great.

Give employee service awards that count.

Numerals™ from O.C. Tanner.

Our Numerals are the perfect symbolic compliment to Yearbook. Available in both clear acrylic and solid metal versions, Numerals become beacons of career achievement to all who display them.




“I’ll keep my Yearbook forever.”

“I used to dread service anniversaries. But Yearbook is different. The team comments were hilarious and touching. I loved sharing them with my husband and kids.”



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