Managing and Motivating Frontline Employees

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Session Summary
COVID-19 drastically changed how businesses operate, and frontline employees are at the forefront of these challenging times. In this panel discussion, Sanjay Srivastava and Colin Mendes share how companies can help frontline employees stay positive, safe, and focused.

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Sanjay Srivastava
Boehringer Ingelheim
Sanjay is an HR leader with diverse, global experience working with startups and growth-oriented companies across industries like software, technology, and pharmaceuticals. His areas of expertise include People Strategy, Leadership Development, and Organization and Cultural Transformation.

Colin Mendes
Colin is building talent that brings everyday happiness to each household in India. Prior to leading HR at VoltasBeko, he held senior positions at Tata Group, Hindustan Unilever, & Pfizer. Colin won the People Business/Economic Times’ Great Manager Award for “Aligning Organisation Vision” in 2017.

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