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Topic: Culture

6 Culture Trends for 2018

Organizations everywhere are trying to influence greatness, improve the employee experience, and build cultures employees want to engage with, yet every year brings new changes and challenges. What should organizations expect for 2018? Read on for some of the new trends we’re seeing.

Employees don’t just want a paycheck—they want to feel like they are changing the world. The best hospitals help their janitorial staff feel like part of the healing team. Great airlines empower staff to make air travel a delight. If your employees don’t align with your organization’s purpose, or have a direct line of sight to how their work contributes to that purpose, they can’t possibly achieve results.

Whether you are creating, clarifying, or reinforcing your organization’s purpose, be sure it brings meaning to the work you do, articulates the value you bring to the world, and inspires employees to achieve.

Blame it on Millennials, but the need for work/life balance, flexible work arrangements, and improving wellness outside of the office is here to stay and likely to increase. Employees now demand employers to think about the overall wellbeing of their workforce, not just from 9-5. Whether it’s better leave benefits, programs to manage stress, or simply creating a culture that cares about employees’ physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual health, companies must have a strategy to show employees they care.

Improving wellbeing is more than just implementing a wellness program. Take a look at your company culture to make sure employees feel respected, heard, and appreciated.

Employees need to sense there’s an opportunity to grow and advance in their organizations. But growth doesn’t always need to mean a promotion. In fact, sometimes doing work you’re proud of provides an even greater high. There is a huge opportunity here to help employees develop and gain new skills, try new things, and innovate in ways that help your company grow. So let them.

Opportunity doesn’t just mean promotions. The chance to learn new skills, go work in a new office, be included in new, exciting projects, and be challenged is also a meaningful way to invest in your people.

Companies are focusing on the entire employee experience, from hire to retire. How each employee feels from the initial point of contact during recruiting to their last day at the office impacts your organization. Employees need to experience peak moments that add up to feeling valued and appreciated through every stage of their career—during the hiring process, onboarding, little and big wins, achievements over time, all the way to the end of their career.

When employees feel appreciated, they go above and beyond.

Organizational agility means creating a company culture where employees adjust and adapt easily to constant changes in your workplace and industry. Companies are searching for ways to make employees more agile and perform their best. One thing is clear, employees want to work for a successful organization, and successful organizations are not afraid of change.

Employees want to do great work. Give them the tools, resources, permission, and support to do it.

Traditional leadership is undergoing a transformation. Employees want something more from their leaders than just projects and assignments. They are looking for mentorship, advocacy, collaboration, and trust. Companies are moving towards more of a team approach to leadership, with shared values, alignment, transparency, and feedback throughout the organization, not just with senior leaders.

Leaders are such a crucial part of an engaging culture. If you aren’t ready to go to a team leadership approach, make sure your current leaders are open with their people and foster the collaboration, mentorship, and inspiration their employees are looking for.

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