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Topic: Leadership

Create a thriving team culture with years of service awards: A guide for leaders

Leaders are key influencers of workplace culture. It’s that simple. Of all the experiences a person has at work, interactions with leaders have a disproportionate impact on how someone feels about their job, for better or worse.

Peak experiences at work—those emotional highs that help people bond with the organization— are created by savvy leaders who know how to encourage, mentor, and motivate others. Strong leaders know how to shape positive experiences that connect employees to purpose, accomplishment, and one another.

But such leadership skills need to be learned. Not every employee who is promoted to a management position has the experience or know-how to motivate and inspire people through great employee experiences. Leaders must be taught specific skills to move from being producers of great work themselves to influencing the great work of others instead. Employee recognition, including the skillful presentation of years of service awards, is an easy way for leaders to create memorable experiences that inspire greatness. 

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