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Topic: Culture

Build a winning culture – share employee success

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Do you broadcast your employees’ success and achievements across the organization?

Research shows only 58% of employees feel their organization broadcasts accomplishments for everyone to see and hear. Because of this, only 50% of employees feel their organization engenders a feeling of “winning”.

Want to build a winning culture? Here’s why you should share stories of employee success and victories, big and small, throughout your organization.

1) The feeling of success is contagious. 

When employees hear about an individual’s or team’s accomplishment, their perception of their own success and the organization’s success increases. And it doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar win; helping a customer, catching a safety issue, lending a hand to a colleague, or coming up with a new way of doing things are all contributions worthy of being announced.

Research finds when news of success is spread across the organization, there is a 44% increase in feeling the organization is successful.     

2) Sharing leads to doing. 

When you communicate success throughout the organization, other employees know what behaviors and actions they need to do to be successful. They feel inspired and motivated by what their peers have done and go back looking for ways to do great work in their own jobs.

Employees are 82% more likely to have a strong understanding of what success looks like when news of success is widespread.     

3) Success builds connections. 

People want to feel part of a winning team. They want to belong to something where they are making a difference. They want to do great work. So when employees recognize and call out each other’s successes, they build bonds and connections better than any team building activity.

There is a 57% increase in feelings of appreciation when recognition is visible across teams.     

How to make success public 

Here are a few tips to start relaying success throughout your organization:

• Share stories of employee accomplishments in town halls, company-wide emails, newsletters, social recognition tools, team meetings, intranet pages, shared screens, etc.

• Be specific when announcing employee successes. Discuss what things the employee did to achieve that success.

• Connect the employee’s unique accomplishments to your organization’s purpose. Why did their work matter?

• If possible, include peers in the announcement of success. This is especially important if the shout out is cross-departmental, to build collaboration and camaraderie.

• Utilize recognition tools to ensure the appreciation is relayed in a timely, consistent, and genuine manner. Many recognition solutions, like O.C. Tanner’s Victories platform, provides a social wall where employee recognition is made public for others to view and comment on.

By sharing success and showing appreciation publicly the right way, you not only inspire more productivity, innovation, and performance—you build connections, morale, and pride in the organization. You create a winning culture where people can thrive.     

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