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Topic: Culture

Reimagining Workplace Culture in the Wake of Global Challenges

New insights and strategies from Meghan Stettler of O.C. Tanner Institute

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As major crises continue to cascade across our health, economic and social structures worldwide, organizations are increasingly faced with “make-or-break” decisions that could amplify their workplace cultures in significant and lasting ways. 

Listen to Meghan Stettler as she presents the perspectives and stories shared from the O.C. Tanner Institute’s groundbreaking pulse surveys. Learn what truly matters to employees, and how leaders can uniquely apply time-honored principles to reimagine a thriving workplace culture in the wake of unprecedented times.   

Join Meghan and you will:

· Discover meaningful takeaways about the employee experience, leadership, and workplace culture amid global challenges through the O.C. Tanner Institute’s real-time data and analysis captured across the last 10 weeks

· Gain insights from game-changing, real-life examples about successful strategies being implemented by organizations around the world in unprecedented times of crisis

· Learn how to apply fundamental principles of thriving workplace cultures to successfully lead and inspire employees to engage, produce, and innovate despite unanticipated organizational challenges

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Meghan Stettler, O.C. Tanner
In her role as Director of O.C. Tanner Institute, Meghan Stettler specializes in identifying win-win strategies for global workplace cultures. As an award-winning journalist, consultant, and speaker, Meghan has forged diplomatic partnerships, advised CEOs, ambassadors, and governors, and has broken stories on news outlets like Al Jazeera, News 12 New York, PBS, and Network News Service. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, a dual BFA from Brigham Young University, a Global Affairs certificate from New York University, and an Executive Certificate in Global Business Management from Salt Lake Community College.

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