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Topic: Culture

5 Culture Trends for Manufacturing Companies in 2021

Employee connecting with other employees virtually during a Zoom meeting.
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In 2020 the world changed dramatically. As manufacturing companies enter 2021, what workplace transformations will the new year bring? Check out our 5 Culture Trends for manufacturing companies in 2021 and see how you can be prepared to help your employees thrive, no matter what new challenges may come their way.

Culture Trend #1: Emerging from crisis, companies focus on culture.


Workplace culture is in flux. Some cultures are still adjusting to declines in production due to forced shutdowns and orders put on hold, while others are struggling to rapidly increase output of crucial goods and protective equipment. Some need healing after layoffs and furloughs drastically changed their workforce. And everyone is adapting to ongoing changes in remote work, social distancing, and sanitizing efforts in their facilities. Underlying all of this is a fear of Covid-19 in the workplace and the continued uncertainty of how economies will perform, and which situations may change.

A SHRM study found two out of three companies reported keeping employee morale up to be difficult during the pandemic, and one-third said maintaining company culture was a challenge.

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