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Topic: Appreciation

Appreciate Always: Building Belonging on Employee Appreciation Day

Meghan Stettler of the O.C. Tanner Institute

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After years of isolation and uncertainty, employees everywhere are craving a sense of belonging and connection. Simply put, they want to belong to a thriving workplace community—and, according to the 2023 Global Culture Report, strong communities with integrated recognition see a 1,281% increase in the odds employees will feel they belong.

In preparation for this year’s Employee Appreciation Day (March 3!), join us to discover how leading companies enhance community and belonging by consistently celebrating employees in meaningful ways across the enterprise.  


  • Why integrated recognition is more important than ever
  • Ways recognition amplifies connection, belonging, and great work
  • Ideas to make Employee Appreciation Day easy, fun, and memorable

About the speakers:

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Meghan Stettler
Director, O.C. Tanner Institute

As a trusted voice for the O.C. Tanner Institute, most recently via its groundbreaking COVID-19 weekly webinars, Meghan specializes in knitting together key sentiments and perspectives across the table to identify win-win strategies for workplace culture success. Throughout her career, she has forged diplomatic partnerships with countries and companies in the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and the Indo-Pacific regions, interfacing with CEOs, energy secretaries, ambassadors, and governors.

She has also addressed over a million viewers as an award-winning journalist and producer with Al Jazeera, News 12 New York, and Network News Service, a pioneering organization serving ABC, CBS, and FOX. Meghan was recently named to the HRD Global 100, a list of the best and brightest industry leaders in HR.

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Sandra Christensen
VP, Awards, O.C. Tanner

With over 32 years of experience in employee appreciation award development, Sandra leads the global awards merchandising and award design and development production teams at O.C. Tanner. A designer herself, Sandra has spent her career creating meaningful, lasting symbols of accomplishment.

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