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Topic: Culture

5 Culture Trends for 2023

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This year presents an interesting state of affairs as organizations continue to compete for the hearts and loyalty of employees, who are still deciding how much of their lives to give to their jobs.

What does this mean for workplace cultures? Here are five workplace culture trends and how you can prepare for them.

Culture Trend #1: Employees want more from their work.


Quiet quitting is not just a symptom of post-pandemic burnout. It’s the result of people questioning their priorities and reevaluating the personal pros and cons of their employment.  

The pandemic has led two thirds of employees to reflect on the work they do, with 83% saying “finding meaning in day-to-day work” was a top priority for them. Nearly three fourths (69%) would even change jobs for more fulfillment.

Highly fulfilled employees plan on staying at their organizations 3 years longer than unfulfilled employees. –2023 GLOBAL CULTURE REPORT, O.C. TANNER INSTITUTE

Employees want more from work. More than a high salary or unique perks and benefits, they want the sense of fulfillment that comes from doing work that has a purpose and feeling that they belong to their workplace community.

 Nearly 1 in 3 employees don’t feel fulfilled at work. And this makes them:

  • 399% more likely to actively look for another job
  • 340% more likely to leave the organization within a year
  • 47% less likely to put in a great deal of effort to help the organization succeed
  • 71% less likely to promote the organization as a great place to work

Fulfillment is bigger than engagement or job satisfaction. Four main factors strongly influence fulfillment:

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Organizations that meet employees’ needs in these four areas will help employees find fulfillment.

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