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Topic: Appreciation

5 Ways to Convince Executives to Fund A New Recognition Solution

A handy guide for HR leaders seeking executive buy-in

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When you know you need a new recognition solution but aren’t sure your leaders agree, one of the most important things you can do is get executive support before you start your search for a new provider. Prepare a solid business case for why a new recognition solution is necessary and getting those precious resources approved will be infinitely easier.

Here are 5 questions executives want answered before they support the purchase of a new recognition solution.

Just starting your search for a recognition partner? Check out our buyer’s guide for practical advice, useful tools, and valuable insights to help you prepare and search confidently.

1. Why do we need a new employee recognition solution?


Reasons for needing a new recognition solution are often unique to an organization but should always be tied to something bigger than simply employee recognition.

  • Are you losing too many of your best people and struggling to replace them?
  • Are you trying to combat burnout?
  • Do you need to improve your workplace culture and create a sense of community and belonging?
  • Are employee surveys showing low engagement and low morale?

Whatever the reason for your employee recognition search, communicate the “why” of recognition (and the cost of not doing recognition well) to your executives. Tie employee recognition to business goals and outcomes.

Ask yourself: How does recognition help with your executives’ biggest business issues? Some executives understand the importance of recognition in building a thriving workplace culture and keeping employees engaged, productive, and loyal. Others need more convincing (see question #2 below). Connect the dots on what recognition will do for your organization, and what will happen if employees don’t feel appreciated and valued at work.

For example, perhaps executives are struggling with how to engage and connect their hybrid or remote workforce. Help them see how frequent recognition helps hybrid and remote workers feel more engaged, included, and a stronger sense of purpose, opportunity, and success.

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