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A great workplace culture attracts great people.

What defines a great place to work? Perhaps the simplest, but most overlooked factor is that it’s a place where people experience greatness. Individually. In teams. And as an organization. It’s a place where great work is encouraged, supported, and celebrated.

The odds of an employee wanting to stay with an organization are 51% higher when they feel senior leadership is committed to innovation.

3 insights for establishing a great workplace culture.

Chasing happiness is a distraction.

Pursuing a happy workplace takes your eye off the ball. Happiness comes as a result of doing great things. Put greatness first.

You can’t drive engagement.

Passion and commitment are voluntary things. You can’t require them. You have to earn them by creating a culture people want to engage with.

Greatness is contagious.

Greatness leads to engagement more than the other way around. Help employees accomplish great work and talent will beat a path to your door.

25 of the 2017 Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For® use O.C. Tanner’s Culture-Building Platform, employee recognition technology, and rewards to influence greatness in their organizations.

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