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influence greatness

global rewards and engagement

We arrive at work each day able to accomplish, eager to innovate, wanting to win. When someone loves our work, we grow. In talent. In purpose. In commitment. That’s why companies who excel at rewarding great work, are the ones who achieve it. Influence greatness.

Insight: Greatness drives engagement.

Companies chase engagement with the belief that highly engaged employees will crank out lots of great work. The reality? Human nature works the other way around. Get people involved in doing great work and engagement soars.

Share your greatness.

The Share Your Greatness project is a way to capture, in just a few short words, people’s talents, gifts, contributions, and superpowers. In short, their greatness. Use @octannercompany #shareyourgreatness to help us broadcast your greatness to the world.

Celebrate great work.

We help you match specific recognition products to desired results. Our industry-leading suite of integrated products makes it easy to start anywhere and build as you grow.

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Broadcast success to encourage effort.

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Reward results to improve outcomes.

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Celebrate careers to keep performance coming.

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