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Numerals™ put achievement on display

give awards that count

Designed for maximum flexibility

Numerals reflect your culture, your anniversary, and you.

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Trophies are symbols of accomplishment. Our innovative Numerals can be customized with an image that reflects your culture, plus an engraved logo, recipient’s name, and date. This brings the individual, the company, and the accomplishment together into a personal, hand crafted work of art.

“I can’t believe how fun and easy it was to create our very own custom Numerals. Thanks O.C. Tanner design team! People love ‘em!”

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Even better together.

When you pair the powerful symbolism of a Numeral together with a personalized Yearbook™ and the opportunity to select a brand name award, you create a truly unforgettable anniversary experience.

Celebrate your life at work

Yearbook™ reinvents service awards

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Yearbook transforms traditional service award celebrations into something distinctive that include a personal book of snapshots and stories that people can hold, touch, and keep as tangible evidence of a great career.

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