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Our Technology. Your Culture.

Our adaptable technology seamlessly extends your culture. Contact us to get started.

Because employee recognition celebrates human accomplishment, one size does not fit all. Our technology adapts in the right places, at the right times, to fit your culture, your people, your programs, your geographies, and your goals.

More options.

Across a wide feature set.

Anybody’s recognition software can offer limited flexibility. Nobody’s can match the scale and depth of O.C. Tanner’s enterprise solutions. Fueled by decades of client requests and in-market testing, our tech is built to adapt to your needs.

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Super adaptable eCards

We offer the largest, most creative eCard libraryin the industry, but you can also turn individual cards and categories on and off, use them withand without points, and even add custom cardsif you like.

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Flexible approval paths

Need a one-step nomination approval path in Berlin and a four-layer one in Mumbai? We can make it happen. Want separate wizards for choosing proper award levels in New York, Shanghai, and Atlanta? We can do that, too.

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Create your own reward lines

Want separate reward collections for service anniversaries, achievements, or departments? We can do that. Want gift cards and vouchers in the UK, merchandise in North America, and a mix in India? Yes. Yes. And yes.

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Social recognition options

Some of us are social animals. Others require a little more privacy. With O.C. Tanner, recipients can decide whether or not their recognition posts to the company-wide social wall. Or companies can turn off Wall Of Fame altogether.

Digital or Industrial strength?

How about both.

It takes both innovative technology and real industrial know-how to deliver on the promises that today’s global recognition and engagement solutions require. That describes us. And few others.

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