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Yearbook™ reinvents service awards

celebrate life at work

A one-of-a-kind printed keepsake

Nothing out there even comes close

Yearbook transforms traditional service award celebrations into life-changing events that include a one-of-a-kind personal book filled with snapshots and stories that people can hold, touch, and keep as tangible evidence of a great career.

Yearbook delivers the good stuff

Mobile, social, meaningful fun.


Digital Yearbooks for both desktop and mobile platforms coordinate perfectly with printed Yearbooks for an immersive celebration.


With custom awards, brand name merchandise, gift cards, and meaningful symbols, we do it all.


Digital Yearbooks for both desktop and mobile platforms coordinate perfectly with printed Yearbooks for an immersive celebration.


As amazingly personal as every Yearbook experience is, you don’t have to worry about a thing. That’s our job.

Mobile. Global. Social.

Yearbook online takes the experience further.

For a 360-degree experience, Yearbook online adds video uploads from peers and leaders, plus more comments and photos, and an expanded catalog of award selections. All in a format that is portable, shareable, and crossed boundaries.

A proven track record.

While copycat products are sure to come along, Yearbook is the real deal. The original. The epicenter of a revolution. Yearbook is the fastest-growing product in our history for good reason. Don’t be the last to discover why.

“I’ll keep my Yearbook forever.”

“I used to dread service anniversaries. But Yearbook is different. The team comments were hilarious and touching. I loved sharing them with my family.”


“Switching was a no brainer.”

“Yearbook is fun, easy, and it really personalizes the day for each employee. The technology does the work for you. I couldn’t possibly recommend it higher.”


“Huge wow factor.”

“Yearbook is what we wanted for our employees. We never used to get feedback about our service awards. Now we hear all the time how cool they are.”


Personal. Cultural. Unique.

Designed with flexibility in mind.

If you can’t remember the last time your service awards got a dose of cool factor, it may be time to rethink, retool, and perhaps even replace them.

Give awards that count.

Numerals™ from O.C. Tanner.

Our Numerals are the perfect symbolic compliment to Yearbook. Available in both clear acrylic and solid metal versions, Numerals become beacons of career achievement to all who display them.

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