Celebrate Careers

Lower turnover. Inspire peers. Shape culture

An effective strategy for driving employee engagement and retention

The myth: People are not interested in building a career with one organization. The reality: People want to invest in careers and not just a job. And, with the high cost of turnover, organizations are equally invested in strategies that drive engagement and retention.

In this white paper you’ll find:

  • Latest research that shows how celebrating an employee’s career achievement is an effective strategy on multiple levels.
  • How career achievement programs touch every employee at every level, uniquely helping employees feel they ‘fit and belong’ with co-workers—while promoting how much the organizations cares about them.
  • Six best practice tips on how you can help ensure a career celebration meets your business objectives and supports your cultures.
Your company wants you to be invested, but it’s hard to feel invested in a company if it doesn’t invest in you. Focus group participant

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