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Welcome to the future of integration, service awards, performance, and wellness.


Universal Integration.

Welcome to nirvana.

Universal Integration allows O.C. Tanner recognition solutions to integrate file-free with all of a company’s HRIS, HCM, communication, and collaboration systems in a single move.


Universal Integration means less work for HR admins, better speed to implementation, and improved data security. Also more recognition opportunities, and data sharing across systems.


File upload is much easier when there’s no file to upload. Our Universal Integration means systems talking to systems, data to data, with no files to manage.


Imagine a world where recognition can happen within the apps people use every day. Outlook. Yammer. Slack. Universal Integration puts us on a path to doing just that.


When combined with performance data from other talent management systems, recognition data paints a more complete picture of employee performance.

Yearbook. Smarts. Welbe.

Fresh ideas are reshaping employee recognition as we’ve come to know it. Our Yearbook™ is revolutionizing how companies celebrate years of service. Our completely reengineered Smarts™ analytics help you see people performing. And Welbe makes wellness fun again. Check them out at booth #2235

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Our employee recognition solutions help companies become great places to work.

Want proof? Look no further than the 2015 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies To Work For® List. There you’ll find a 27 of our valued clients whose employee recognition practices set a standard for the industry. And for a little exclamation point, this year you’ll find O.C. Tanner on the list as well.

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