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Great work is expanding the influence of your job, going beyond what’s expected, and creating improvements that benefit others. Your focus is on much more than routine execution and delivery. It is on making positive changes and creating new value that impacts the world around you.

Great Work: How to make a difference people love

Our breakthrough New York Times Bestseller by Executive VP David Sturt proves that anyone, from any background, can deliver a difference the world loves. Discover five practical skills that make it happen. Based on the world’s largest-ever study of award-winning work.

The Great Work Skill Boosters


Give your great work skills a workout with the Great Work Skill Boosters—a fun, interactive way to spark innovation, think creatively, and make a difference people love.


Great Work Training

Want to create a culture where great work happens? Learn the real-world skills proven to encourage creativity, drive innovation, and push people to go beyond what’s expected with our Great Work Training. Then, practice your newfound skills with the Great Work Skill Boosters, or get certified to teach the workshop at your organization.

Based on the findings of the world’s largest-ever study of award-winning work.

From Great Work.

Inspiring stories referenced in the book.

How do you expand a shrinking public school in the middle of nowhere?

When Skip Hults became superintendent of Newcomb Central School in the heart of Adirondack Park, he inherited a tradition of excellence, a talented faculty, a supportive community, and 55 kids to fill 350 seats. It was a case of grow or die.


Is it possible to make 600 cars a day without producing garbage?

When Subaru’s parent company suggested Denise and her team get as close as possible to zero landfill, she was shocked. How do you eliminate all waste from a car plant the size of six-and-a-half football fields that produces 15 tons of waste every 24 hours?


How does a hospital janitor play a critical role on the healing team?

Surrounded by renowned doctors and world-class facilities, Mindi and her family were surprised to find the care and healing her son McKay needed came from the last member of the hospital’s staff they would have expected.


A Spanish biologist develops a fish farm that acts naturally.

Located on an island in the Guadalquivir River in Southern Spain, Veta la Palma looks more like a bird refuge than the world’s most sustainable fish farm. See Chef Dan Barber talk about how he fell in love with the tasty fish raised there.


A pioneer in microloans empowers people who live on a few dollars a day.

Kiva co-founder Jessica Jackley helps connect lenders with potential borrowers around the world, whether it's a farmer in Cambodia or a shopkeeper in Sierra Leone, thereby funding entrepreneurship worldwide for as little as $25 a loan.


The grandfather of snowboarding shares how it all began.

Every Great Work story begins with the desire to create something cool for others. The Toy Snurfer that Sherman Poppen created his two energetic daughters and pregnant wife inspired an entire industry.


Green Microgym: bikes and ellipticals that make electricity, oh my!

As long as you’re burning energy, you might as well be making it too. Adam Boesel of Portland’s Green Microgym started with the expected gym elements and created something entirely new. Take a brief tour of the Green Microgym.


The art of being greeted by an elephant in your cruise cabin.

It’s hard to trace the origins of cruise ship towel origami. Carnival cruise lines popularized it, but this simple addition to the basic skill of cleaning a room shows up everywhere from cruise lines to hospitals. It’s an out-of-the ordinary difference that people love.


Take the Great Work Challenge.

If you’d like to involve a group of friends or co-workers in doing some great work, take the Great Work Challenge. Invite your team to read Great Work. Get together and discuss its concepts, skills, and ideas. Apply the individual talents of team members to Ask The Right Question, See For Yourself, Talk To Your Outer Circle, Improve The Mix, and Deliver a Difference people love. Celebrate your success.

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