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5 best practices for managing a multigenerational workforces

Millennials. Gen X. Baby Boomers.

Everyone is talking about the generational changes happening in today’s workforce. More workers are extending their careers and, as a result, we are seeing an unprecedented phenomenon: multiple generations coming together in the workplace. No matter what generation your workforce is made up of, it’s clear performance recognition and career celebration is critical.

Discover our 5 best practices for managing a multigenerational workforce:

  1. Deepen employee engagement through accountability and trust
  2. Look at the nuances for each generation and motivate accordingly
  3. Recognize what matters most to your employees and organization
  4. Highlight and show appreciation for great work
  5. Tailor career celebrations to individual needs

For more details on the demographic trends impacting the way we work and manage today, download our latest Orange Paper today.

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