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This Study Changes What You Think You Know About Employee Engagement

Good work keeps a business going. Great work takes companies to the next level. This white paper examines not only what great work is, but how to promote great work throughout your business. After all, great work doesn’t just help your company thrive, it helps give each employee a sense of purpose, achievement, and appreciation for their own work.

Highlights from this white paper:

  • Chasing engagement doesn’t necessarily inspire great work. Human nature works the other way around – great work inspires engagement.
  • Managers tend to believe great work is for those at the top of their organizations. While non-managers believe innovating is for everyone. Translation: smart leaders share great work opportunities with their team.
  • The resource gap – make sure everyone has the resources they need to transform good work to great work.
  • How the 5 Great Work Skills can help produce great work.

Download the full white paper to learn more about these insights and how to improve the overall great work accomplished at your company. 

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