The best in recognition meets
the best in wellbeing.

Better Together.

When employee recognition and wellbeing work together, a powerful impact on workplace culture is created. That’s because when people feel appreciated and healthy, they understand that their organization truly values them.

Is your workplace thriving?

More than 1 in 3 employees say their job has a negative effect on their physical health.

Less than half of employees say they always feel appreciated at work.

When recognition and wellbeing are combined.

increase in productivity

increase in innovation


Our tech. Your culture.

Victories™ = employee recognition people love.

Make celebrating workplace heroes social, mobile, engaging, and fun. 

This strategic employee recognition product accomplishes what nothing else can through matching rewards to accomplishments. With Victories, easily align values, reward greatness, measure engagement, and celebrate success.


In partnership with VirginPulse, we’ve created a single, unified experience that focuses on individuals’ own goals and gives them an engaging tool to track and accomplish them daily so that healthy behaviors become second nature.

By building wellbeing into every part of your organization, you help employees feel their best, bring their best, and do their best work for you.

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