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Influencing Greatness: Giving, Receiving, and Observing Recognition

The latest global study from the O.C. Tanner Institute examines recognition from a new perspective: the givers. Turns out there are all kinds of organizational benefits that are magnified when employees give recognition.

Who is giving recognition? Results indicate that while people understand the importance of giving recognition, but don’t make a habit of it—29% admit they haven’t given any in the past month. Furthermore, it appears that even though fewer non-managers give recognition than their managerial counterparts, those non-managers that do, do so more often.

But the most compelling numbers come when we look at the combined effects of all types of recognition—giving, receiving, and observing. A 591% increase in employees who are engaged? A 420% increase in employees who say they have ‘excellent’ wellbeing? These are truly game-changing numbers.

Download this white paper to learn about recognition’s seen, and previously unseen, power to influence the greatness of the giver, receiver, and observer.

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