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Let's make employee
experiences even richer.

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T-Mobile creates extraordinary experiences for employees. Just imagine if you had the right partner to take recognition to the next level.

You'd probably start by asking, what's possible? Or, what would create the biggest impact? And, of course, what would this partner look like? 

If the partner offered everything from the strategy to the technology to the awards and products that help employees feel connected and inspired, then it'd probably look like O.C. Tanner. 

Culture by Design®

Great employee experiences never happen by accident or default. They all start with a solid strategy.

That's why our consulting uses a proprietary approach called Culture by Design. We can partner with you to assess your current programs, identify opportunities, and detrmine what to harmonize or sunset. Best of all, we can act as an extension of your team to help rethink, reimagine, and refine your recognition. You always have an expert on call. 

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The power of Culture Cloud


O.C. Tanner technology supports the spectrum of employee experiences.


From peer-to-peer recognition to corporate initiatives to large achievement awards to historic celebrations (like a 25th anniversary coming up in 2024).

All of it lives under the banner of Culture Cloud, so every tool integrates seamlessly, and administration is intuitively easy. 

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Customized communication

Because awareness and adoption are key to the success of any recognition program, we offer teams of creative planners, writers, and designers who can make your initiatives and campaigns feel like a natural part of your culture. 

These services not only increase participation. Ultimately, they can connect the hearts and minds of employees at T-Mobile. 

Custom awards

Our custom award designers partner with clients all over the world to capture their unique culture in iconic three-dimensional works of art. Imagine what we could design together. Our manufacturing capabilities are limitless.

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These one-of-a-kind awards become status symbols that increase employees' emotional connections to the organization. 

What's next?

We'd love to continue the conversation, dig into details, and explore ways we can act as an extension of your team to help T-Mobile employees thrive. We're ready to discuss next steps whenever you are. 

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