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Appreciate. How to celebrate people and inspire greatness.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

2:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT / 7:00 PM GMT

Look around. Appreciation is everywhere. It's actually a cornerstone of society existing in every culture on Earth since the beginning of time. Statues are erected of people who impacted our world. Buildings and parks are named after great community leaders. Ceremonies celebrate the achievements of people in nearly every category or endeavor the military, education, and athletics. But, still, we don't see enough appreciation in the one place where it is needed most, at work.

You can probably recall the exact moments in your life where your work was appreciated. You undoubtedly remember the name of the person who recognized your great work. You can still remember how powerful their words made you feel. In fact, those words most likely inspired you to do more great work.

Now it's your turn to influence greatness in other people.

Join Todd Nordstrom, Content Director at the O.C. Tanner Institute and Co-Author of the brand new book Appreciate, as he reveals insights from many of the largest workplace studies on appreciation and recognition. Todd will not only show you why appreciation and recognition are such a powerful leadership tool to inspiring great effort and results from the people around you, but he’ll also show you how, when, and where you can impact people the most.

Join Todd to:

• Fully understand the relationship appreciation has played in your own life and career.
• See how your leadership role in creating results changes and what that means for your daily responsibilities.
• Learn what global studies show is the most impactful thing leaders can do to inspire above-and-beyond performance from their employees.
• Understand the three critical areas of appreciation you need to know to be a better leader.
• Master the skills necessary to know how, when, where, what and why to recognize people in their journey to create great work.    

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About Todd Nordstrom
As host of the popular “Great Work Insights” podcast, weekly contributor to,, Director for the O.C. Tanner Institute, and Co-Author of Appreciate,  Todd Nordstrom’s career is full of insight based on thousands of in-depth interviews from around the globe. He has spoken to a wide range of audiences, from introducing rock bands in arenas, to countless on-air interviews with c-suite leaders from a plethora of industries, to all types of executives attending conferences around the world.   

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