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How to Build a “Talent Magnet” Culture

Insights from David Lapin, author of
Lead by Greatness

Thursday, December 3rd
2:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PST / 7:00 PM GMT

Distinctive, purpose-driven cultures draw top talent.

Author and CEO David Lapin has coached successful companies for decades. In our latest webinar, he shares his insights on how the most successful companies differentiate their products and distinguish their cultures in order to attract customers and top talent. Lapin highlights the HR leader’s role in creating a culture that turns your organization into a talent magnet.

The key to a distinctive culture? Live your purpose, inspire great leaders, recognize innovation and excellence, and grow consistently year after year. And the result? Improved engagement and performance—and a boosted bottom-line.

In this webinar, you will learn more about the:

• Four key strategic questions every HR leader should ask, and how to develop an action plan to answer them.
• Actionable insights to breakdown the artificial silos between strategy execution and leadership development.
• Power of appreciation and recognition to empower great work and bottom-line results. 

About David Lapin

As the CEO of Lapin International, Inc. and author of Lead by Greatness, David Lapin has earned respect among international business leaders for his unique ability to identify a business’s most current strategic opportunities and operational challenges and, at the same time, understand and unravel the complex dynamics of the human spirit. This ability, combined with his uncompromising position on growing revenue and maximizing profit, places him in the mastery category amongst international organizational advisors.

David worked alongside some of South Africa’s greatest business leaders who, together with Nelson Mandela and his government, transformed the country from apartheid to a vibrant democratic economy. He continued his groundbreaking work around the world, building self-driven, high-performing teams in environments of complex diversity. He was the founder of the South African Institute of Business Ethics, architect of the Code of Ethics for the King Commission on Corporate Governance, and the Institute of Directors for Southern Africa.

David Lapin is CEO of Lapin International, Inc., a forward-thinking consulting firm with offices in the U.S.A., Canada, and South Africa, that improves leadership effectiveness and bottom-line success. Its international client list includes Fortune 100 companies, smaller corporations, and government agencies globally. 

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